Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Not To Dry Pack

I've been doing some research on what you can and cannot dry pack (with an oxygen absorber packet).

For long term storage, products must have a low oil content and have 10% or less moisture content. Otherwise you risk rancidity and botulism poisoning.

So, DO NOT dry pack the following items:

Pearled Barley
Dried Eggs
Whole Wheat Flour (*Wheat berries are okay*)
Milled Grains (*Rolled oats are okay*)
Brown Rice
Brown Sugar


Vickie said...

This is great! Where did you do your research? I'm so glad to know this!

Foutz Family said...

I googled it... and took info from some food storage friends. Also, has a ton of information.

Minor Family said...

Thanks for the tip! I guess I won't be using the canner for all of my brown rice like I had planned! I guess I need to get a bucket for it!

Jenny said...

So, Brown rice. Does it say the best way to store it? Looks like my PETE containers need to be emptied.